“ Unboxing Series “ Gifted Free Cannabis Seeds ( ILGM Seed Bank and What to Expect ) 18+

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For your chance to win 10 free seeds go to my website and click the links (18+)

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*** ILGM is having a great deal and with my special link to their website you can not only download a free copy of their amazing Marijuana Grow Bible but also 10 free seeds with any purchase using my link posted here..


In this Unboxing video we open up a gift from one of my favorite Seed banks of all time. ILGM and Robert Bergman have been consistent in not only their high quality cannabis genetics but also they have put together so many great resources, and through there own and others experiences, have been able to document the cannabis plant and its growth cycles. Using what they have learned, in 2012, they decided to open the doors and allow other growers in on exactly why they have been able to stay so consistent. With very popular strains such as Girl Scout Cookies, Wedding Cake, Gold Leaf, Blue Dream, Autoflower varieties, and dwarf strains there is something for all growers. In a new industry and a new hobby for some, reliability is a recurring factor when it comes to making purchases and you will not be disappointed by the amazing customer support and genetics you will receive with visiting ILGM‼

21 years of age or older or 18 in medical states only

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