How To Grow Marijuana From Start to Finish FULL VIDEO!! *2019*

Hi everyone I’M BACK! Today NEGrow shows you how to grow marijuana seeds from start to finish! I’ll be using the seeds from my last videos coming from MSNL OG KUSH, SOUR GRAPE KUSH, SOUR DIESEL, AND BLUEBERRY…. plus a surpise :). DONT WORRY! ANYBODY CAN DO THIS.. Lol just check out the video to see what issues and problems occur. ALSO how to combat and overcome it to get amazing weed! everything you need to know is in the video ! GREAT weed for a CHEAP PRICE! How to do it yourself. Thanks to all my subscribers for the support it means the WORLD! Make sure to press the button if your new! from now on i’ll be posting more consistent videos to entertain you guys ! thanks again for the 20,000 views and 500+ subscribers!
How To Grow Marijuana From Start to Finish FULL VIDEO!! *2019*


Blood Meal and Bone Meal from Walmart : 13$

Water : free

Sun : free

Time and energy invested : PRICELESS 💰

Final weight under a Quarter Pound off one Plant !

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