6/18/13 – Baking 1g Bud Marijuana Medicine Cookies Part 4 of 4 – 4:20pm

8: 30 pm – 6/18/2013 – been 4 hours since i ate 1 cookie, i ate 2 more, 3 total & i am high as fk hahahhaha
much love

1st / i am PROP 215 & SB 420 legal in WA & CALI
2nd / Marijuana is 100% legal to anyone over the age of 21+ in WASHINGTON & COLORADO only.. your aloud to possess 1oz.. still can not buy it anywhere

i made bomb budder like always with QP bud into 8 sticks butter
(i have more budder videos on youtube just search ITZZ420 butter, budder, grow, marijuana, prop 215

next day i made cookies
1 stick butter to 28 cookies
each cookie = 1 gram of BUD…

no trim, no stem, no sugar leaf…

This is the BUD i used in this BUDDER for these Medical Marijuana Cookies

Making Butter / Budder

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